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Welcome Home, Mary


Congratulations, Michael!

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Mary's welcome shower

Mary's welcome shower

Mary's welcome shower

Wine Tasting  Feb. 11, 2007

Members elect 10 business leaders to 07 Chamber Board

The election was a record turn out of voters who made their voices heard as they elected the ten members they want to help direct the Chamber in the coming year. “We are so fortunate that the top business people in our community are willing to serve the Chamber,” said Dave Garth, President/CEO.

The elected board members come from a wide range of jobs and expertise. They include Michael Gunter, Collaborations LLC; Kathi Main, Kevin Main Jewelry; and Chip Visci, The Tribune. Also, newly elected to the board is the 2002 chairperson of the board Jeanne Potter from Glenn, Burdette, Phillips & Bryson. Board members returning for their second terms include Kristin Johnson, Verdin Marketing Ink; Donna Lewis, GMAC Mortgage; Beth Marino, Andre, Morris & Buttery; Pierre Rademaker, Pierre Rademaker Design; Tim Williams, Digital West Networks; and Charlie Yates, Avila Beach Marine Institute.

These elected members will join the current board members who are still serving on the board. The continuing members include Julie Aguilar, San Luis Personnel; Jeff Buckingham, Call America; Amy Kardel, Computer Network Services; BrendanMorris, Morris & Garritano; Betsey Nash, Nash HR; Connie Madonna-Pearce, Madonna Inn; Tom Sherman, Founders Bank; Aaron Steed, Meathead Movers; Robert Stets, Cal Poly State University; and MaryVerdin,Verdin Marketing Ink.

The entire board will begin their planning for the 2007 year at a retreat on December 9th.

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