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Meg & Dave at Death Valley - March 2009     Dave's Opinion Piece in the Newspaper on Mitchell Park

Meg's Surprise 60th Birthday Party    Dave's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

Fabulous Holiday Party 12-16-06     Trip to Barbados      Chris' Art Opening!

  Cydney&Meg5-28-12 Meg&Dave city meeting
Ladies' Lunch 9-24-10

Ladies' Lunch 4-30-10

Raingear by Maid of the Mist

Mary Ellen & Dave
"No on 8" Rally

"Porch" Party June09
Jim & Sherry's


Mark, Dave, Michael, Gregg,
Stephan, Steve

Mark, Dave, Michael, Gregg, Stephan, Steve

Neighborhood Traffic Meeting

Super Bowl 2008 party

Super Bowl 2008 party

Super Bowl 2008 party

Lunch Et Voila

Sherry's last day of work

Chris Golden (our son) will be showing his video art at an opening of “Sugar Sugar” at the Gray Area Gallery on Friday (12/8) night in San Francisco: The show will run for a month (til 1/14/07), so if you miss the opening, you can still see his work.

soup supper 9-24-06

Lunch - Airport 8-18-06

Lunch J Henry Manor 7-28-06

4th of July 2006

Myla's Luncheon 6-23-06

Myla's Luncheon 6-23-06


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