Vietnam 2010

shoe-shine business

A floating village.

Living on the boat

rowing with his feet

rowing with his feet

Prow of boat

Tourists ferried
from our ships
to the Island

Living on the
boat with baby

Temple God

Gifts from dignitaries:
skulls and tails on wall

Statues guarding

small section of
huge mosiac

Fish is served

Fish is eaten

River Workers

floating market
Mekong Delta

Visit to caves

growing up living
on a boat

Boat: son and dog,
father and tea

woman / whistles

Rice Husks used
as fuel

pouring rice paper

Rice Paper for
Spring Rolls

Floating Market

Floating House

Backs of River Houses
and baskets

Nets - rocks with holes
to catch baby lobsters

basket boats

My Son ruins - holy site
bombed by US
Viet Cong were hiding there

My Son ruins.

How many Buddha?
6 sides times...

Life-sized depiction
of prisoners in
shackles & dark room

Street Scene

The Ubiquitous Swastika

Mekong Delta

bicycle tires holding
down roof
Vietnam 2