BBQ April 30, 2006

Cynthia - Open Studios 10-10-15


Greg - city council 2014

Ben - marathon 2014

Drew Trees 2014

Halloween Witch

Have an orange


Have a plum Buchon Street odd numbers
1940 cencus Pismo even
Pacific St. even
1940 Cencus Buchon Even
Buchon St. even
flower design sign neighborhood art Chem Trails
orange-neighborhood  House fire 3/4/12
house fire on Johnson Turkey Buzzard on Johnson Avenue at the creek
Turkey Buzzard sighted
Johnson Ave at creek
Easter Sunday 2011
Easter Sunday 2011

Photo from 1890's -view at Johnson and Pacific.  Thanks Eric Meyer!

Mitchell Park t-shirt at Parking Lot

Unsubstantiated update on crime scene"

Homicide - drug related

Crime scene on Buchon and Toro - 7:00 PM, April 10th.

Police with guns drawn enter house.

Person with blood all over face put in ambulance and taken away.

Crime tape put up around house.

Uh Oh


Welcome Steve & Michael

Welcome Sally!

They added "San Luis" - very strange


Friends Forever

Coffee Cake Assembly Line

walking_to_mccarthys.jpg (78094 bytes)

Larry_&_Mark.jpg (100001 bytes)

watching_the_fire.jpg (65797 bytes)

watching the fire

fire_cresting_mountain.jpg (41939 bytes)

From top of Penny Lane

view of fire cresting mountain

Highway 41 Fire (1994)

49,000 acres burned, 42 homes lost, $10,000,000 damage.

Penny_Lane_Party2.jpg (143276 bytes)

Another Fire on mountain