Guatemala 2010 --- Eye Care International

At LAX waiting for our 12:30am flight to Guatemala City - Kevin, Lance & Stephan.

Stephan getting on the chicken bus
for the 3 hour ride to
San Lucas de Toliman

Loading the bus...

The view from our hotel, the Hotel y Restaurante Toliman

The hotel patio overlooks Lake Atitlan.

Our first meal as an I Care team.

Brett, Dave & Ben

Setting up the clinic

Our first patients on Sunday morning

Brett at the visual acuity station

Stephan at the registration table

Two of our high school student translators from the Pavoratti School, Luz Maria and Anna Gabriela

A Guatemalan gentleman waiting his turn

Ben taking blood pressures

Jennifer with the handheld auto-refractor

Our inventory of prescription eyeglasses.

Steve at the acuity station 

Dan with some patients 

Vinita with a patient 

at the clinic

A scene from the clinic

One of the food markets

Older lady selling berries

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